About Us

Our Brand Values

My New Hair is a pioneering charity founded and launched by Trevor Sorbie MBE to help those who experience hair loss. The charity has trained a number of salons across the UK to offer advice, wig customising and aftercare services to men and women affected by Alopecia, Cancer or any other hair loss condition. Bow Belles are proud to be one of My New Hair's dedicated wig suppliers and cutting in specialists. We have worked very closely with Trevor for a number of years and have subsequently forged a fantastic working relationship with the My New Hair team. To go the extra mile in our support for the charity we hold fundraising and events throughout the year and donate 5% of our profits on wig sales back to Macmillan Support and Cancer Research who also work closely with Trevor and ourselves.*

About Bow Belles

Hello and a big welcome to Bow Belles. Here at Bow Belles we are very different to all other hair loss websites, we are fully qualified hairdressers that have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the hair and hair loss industry. It is already evident that there is not enough help, support or guidance for clients that are suffering from many forms of medical hair loss and the jargon used can seem overwhelming.

Websites upon websites offering 100’s of pages of unexplanitory wigs, products and services that can leave you even more confused than before you started. This is where we can help, we set ourselves a challenge, to give you complete guidance in all aspects of hair loss with our expert knowledge, care, sensitivity and jargon free information. Our product range is vast from Wigs both Synthetic and Human Hair to Custom Made Wigs for both Men and Women; we also offer the ‘Enhancement Volumizing’ hair integration system otherwise known as ‘Intralace’.

We offer a free one to one consultation and a bespoke wig cutting service. This will truly ensure you make your perfect choice for your own personal needs. We can also help at the stage of new hair growth in terms of organic colouring and cutting and getting you on your way to return to your own hairdresser. So please take your time to look through our pages. You will find videos coupled along with caring advice, ideas for new looks and practical information. We have a skill here at Bow Belles and a passion and we want to use this to help you.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a UK company based in Watford, Hertfordshire. Our premises are very private and discreet and our integrity is second to none.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an exceptional service ensuring that every person who we meet who suffers from any form of medical hair loss whether it be: Cancer, Alopecia, Accidents, Genetic Thinning, Post Pregnancy or Trichotillomania is offered advice, information and support tailored to their individual needs.