Wig Referrals

Wig Referrals

Bow Belles Wig specialists receive referrals from NHS Trusts and Private Hospitals throughout the Hertfordshire for those who are undergoing Chemotherapy treatment and also, treatment for Alopecia.


What do I do if I do not have my voucher from the hospital? 

If you do not have your voucher that’s fine your more then welcome to come and see us for a free 30 mins consultation with one of our fitters, They will go through styles that they think may be suitable and colours too. a client card will be written so that if so you choose to have a wig and do get your voucher, were all ready for you.

Can I come to you more than once for a consultation? 

Yes, you may if you like, however, There is a service charge on second consolations unless it’s been advised by your fitter. The charge will be taken off your wig or product at the time of purchase and cannot be refunded if not used.

Will, you cut my hair at the time of final fitting? 

yes, we can do this for you if you like here at bow belles we are all fully qualified hairdressers. (extra charge may apply)

Can my voucher be used on any wig?

Depending on the hospital, each hospital has different criteria to follow please ask at first consultation we will be able to advise. However most of the time this is the case, Yes, There may be an additional charge depending on the wig you choose.

When is the right time in my treatment to come to see you if I need a wig?

This is a difficult one to answer as everyone’s treatment is different. We suggest that you go through your first treatment and then come in for consultation. This also depends on if you are going to do the cold cap too.

I attend a private hospital what do I do if I need a wig? 

We suggest speaking with your insurance provider they will be able to tell you if they will help you with the cost of your wig, in this case, they do ask you to outlay the costs and then submit an invoice and you will be refunded from them.

We are open 5 days a week and can work quickly to help you at your time of need. Please call 01923 222689 or email info@bowbelleswigs.co.uk to book your appointment.