VAT Exemption

VAT Exemption


Did you know? Any person suffering from Alopecia, (Totalis and Areata), Post-Operative Hair Loss and Chemotherapy treatment – are entitled to V.A.T exemption as permitted under GROUP 14 of Schedule 5 of the Value Added tax Act 1983.


All of our prices are exclusive of VAT - However, to qualify you must simply fill out the information needed so we in turn can keep it for our records.


Please be aware the orders must be placed by the person who is eligible to reclaim the VAT Relief.


If you need any assistance, please call us on 01923 222689 and we will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Or you can always use our Contact Page. Only claim VAT relief if you are eligible to - call us, or check the HMRC website to clarify any doubts you may have. By electronically signing the document via the Bow Belles Wigs website, you are making a personal declaration to the HMRC. Please be aware authenticity of the claims are always checked out via HMRC


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