Why Bow Belles Is the Place to go for your 2016 Wig!

Why Bow Belles Is the Place to go for your 2016 Wig!


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Here at Bow Belles we are very different to all other hair loss websites, we are fully qualified hairdressers that have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the hair and hair loss industry. It is already evident that there is not enough help, support or guidance for clients that are suffering from many forms of medical hair loss and the jargon used can seem overwhelming.

The way we work; We have found that clients that attend wigs shops in the past are only offered what they have in stock. We are simply not Just A wig shop – we as a wig supplier work with you a number of times before your 1 hour one to one consultation, we simply found that the world of wigs are not explained enough to wig wearers, For example, 30% of woman wanting to come and visit us want a human hair wig when going through chemo, Using our expertise we advise clients and first-time wig wearers that starting off with a human wig is not that easy, we explain the features and benefits of both synthetic and human and move forwards in your wig journey.

When we have understood what you would like to achieve when wearing your wig we then work on wig bases – Wefted base, Monofilament base and Lace front. We then explain the benefits of each wig and simply guide you with our knowledge on each base so that it can be down to you. We then advise to pick some styles on our web page that you like the look of,  we suggest four, however, we understand that this can be hard so we have had clients pick between 4-10 wigs.

We also provide a photo service where you can send an image of your required style that we can colour match as best as possible or if this isn’t achievable and you do not have email you then can look on our link Hair Colour Choices and you can pick colours you like the look off.

Using all that information we do the hard work for you we make sure we have in stock the colour, style and base enabling us to narrow your search down using our experiences. On the day of your one to one we can then  ensures that we have 4 wigs in stock so that you can walk away with your desired wig that day.

Bow Belles also offer a FREE cutting in service  – we taper your wig to suit you, so your wig is 100% unique to you.

On average we spend 4-5 hours communicating, picking, and investing time into your wig –  this is simply why we have 100% satisfactory clients, No corners cut we offer 100% support in your journey and are only at the end of the phone for advice even after you have purchased from us.

As well as doing the above  we make sure our knowledge on products within the wig industry are up to date and help you to make the right choice in the massive mine field of wigs and products.